Kaitlin Mosley

Kaitlin Suzann Mosley was born in 1983. She grew up in Jackson, New Jersey along the pine barrens. She is 1/16th Lenni Lenape and likes to visit the tree where her childhood dogs are buried. In 2001 she attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she earned a BFA in Photography. Kaitlin has worked as a Fine Art digital Printmaker, Product Photographer, and currently works for Penn School of Design.

Expiration 2005 - 2010

The film I shoot with is chemically expired but still retains a substantial presence, even as it loses its life. There is a physicality to film in the way the colors fade and morph, and that physical nature becomes synonymous with the memories it holds. With digital cameras as the primary way to capture images there is a certain quality of the photographic image that is lost as shooting film moves closer to extinction. In truth every photographic moment is a passing one, unstable dyes are always in a state of change, but there is a bond to the subjects they capture. Both color negative and transparency film hold unique characteristics even when past their date. To expire can also mean to lose a breath, to exhale. When I photograph there is a moment of stillness and concentration as if my eye could hold the moment in its place. I think every photographer experiences that moment when you are ready to release the shutter and you breathe out slightly to avoid camera movement. In this respect, the act of photographing itself becomes a kind of expiration. I believe there is an atmosphere in these photographs that relates back to the process and the film. The physicality of the expired film and the act of photographing merge to create images that call to mind both absence and presence.


Vettese, John “Thanks for the Memories“, LightRoom Gallery,Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia, PA

Vettese, John “Anything Goes, The Photo Show, at My House Gallery” Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia, PA



Artist of the Month, May, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
T-shirt Design
Chevy Van” from the Rec Room Collection
Bambi” from the Habitat Collection

If You Could See This Song” Kata Rokkar, September 16, 2010

Photo of the Day, Fecal Face, August 14, 2009

Cover Art, Alistar Crosbie, “Sad Faces of the Moon” Limited edition cassette, Peasant Magik

Selected Exhibitions


Expiration, The Light Room Salon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Photographs, Art at the Ugly, the Ugly American. Philadelphia, PA

Distance, the Last Drop, Philadelphia PA

The Beach, Bean, Philadelphia, PA

Kaitlin Mosley: Photographs, Benna’s, Philadelphia, PA


18 artists, Amberella Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Scope: Rebecca Suss, Kaitlin Suzann Mosley & Lauren van Haaften Schick, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Philadelphia, PA

To The Sea: works by Aubrie Costello, Anne Canfield, Darla Jackson, Margaux Kent, Katie Marlowe, and Kaitlin Mosley, Barefoot Clinic Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

For Those to Come: an art show to benefit the American bird conservatory, Benna’s Café. Philadelphia, PA

Photography 28, Perkins Center, Moorestown NJ
Juror: Debra Klomp Ching, co-curator of Klompching Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

All Things Together: Kaitlin Suzann Mosley and Manuel Dominguez Jr., Silicon Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA

Small Works Show, Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints, Philadelphia, PA

Close to home, Aronson Gallery, Hamilton Hall, University of the Arts Philadelphia, PA

Wish You Were Here, Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Seriatim, The Ice Box, Philadelphia, PA

Junior Photography Show, Hamilton Hall, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Sophomore Photography Show, Sol Mednick Gallery, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Exhibitions Curated

The 47th SPE Conference & Silicon Gallery Photography Competition, Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

The Photo Show, My House Gallery. Philadelphia, PA


Philagrafika, Summer Solstice Benefit, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2007 – 2010
InLiquid benefit, Ice Box Project Space, Philadelphia PA

2005 – 2010
The Photo Review Auction, University of the Arts, Hamilton Hall, Philadelphia PA
Committee 2010